Project Management Plan

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Project Management Plan Bruce Peters CPMGT 201 November 8, 2014 Thomas Ach The project management plan is a document that companies project manager will build to help them describe in more detail the planning of all their projects and the company itself. It can be a formal document that is used by managers to manage the project execution. The project management plan documents all the actions that will define, integrate, prepare, and coordinate the planning activities. It also will define how the company projects are executed, controlled, monitored, and closed out. This plan is also used as a communication that will help in ensuring main stakeholders what is going on in the project. I will be developing a project…show more content…
The finished human resource plan structure will consist of roles and responsibilities, staffing management, and the organization charts. Role and responsibilities will be defined so everyone will know their role and responsibilities in the project. The organization charts will be used to the reporting and authority lines that fall in the project and the resource histogram will show the resources for a period of time and is used to see what the availability of each member and when will they be needed. Human Resource Plan Inputs Outputs Activity resource requirements. Develop human resource plan Enterprise environmental factors Organization charts Organizational process assets. Resource histogram According to PMBOK Guide “The project communication management that we will be using will include the process that are required to ensure timely and appropriate planning collection, creation, distribution, storage, management, control, monitoring, and disposition of project information” (PMBOK® Guide). To have an effective communication the company needs to create a bridge between the diverse stakeholders which may have an influence on the project outcome. There are three steps to the project communication management. Which are: 1. The plan communication management which will be the process of us developing the right approach and plan that will be associated with the
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