Project Management Plan of Wino LLC

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Wino LLC is a leader in mobile technology as well as custom mobile-based application solution. We build from scratch, software platforms that helps thousands of businesses as well as organizations leverage telecom as well as mobile technology in order to maximize their revenue as well as to meet their organizational objectives. Wino LLC's areas of focus are diverse and includes monetization of content, business process improvement, content publishing, e-learning solutions, brand awareness as well as the development of other private and public service software solutions. Wino LLC core services includes the development of messaging platforms, mobile billing platforms, payment gateways as well as the design of mobile portals. In this paper, we provide a project management plan for our own use in the improvement of our business process. (Wilo LLC) (CRM Software Development) Project Management Plan Version: (1) Date: (02/04/2012) Version history Version # Implementation By Revised on Date Approved By Date of Approval Reason (s) 1.0 Executive Summary This project management plan entails the development of CRM software for use in improving business process. Customer relationship management (CRM) is defined by LaPlaca (2004,p.463) as the management of a relationship which is mutually beneficial from the perspective of the seller. The term

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