Project Management Practices Of The Collins Class Submarine Project Essay

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Project Directors Report
This report summarises and addresses traditional and non-traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to elaborate upon lessons learnt from the Collins class submarine project. This improved project management practices and highlights the importance of quality, time and budget throughout the entirety of the project. This report is presented from the Project managers perspective to identify risk. It will then analyse how they are managed throughout the project lifecycle, how they affect project performance and why it is important to identify where deficit is coming from and how to address it. This is where KPI’s are used to indicate issues using an appropriate scaling system relating to the Collins project requirements of:
• They would be intended for the Australasian region operational environment
• Fitted with an advanced combat system for an extended service
• Capable of delivering roles including, hunter-killer and emergency/peace operations, and
• There would be suitable infrastructure setup for construction, thereafter delivering technical support for their operational lifespan.
(Jones, 2000)
A Swedish company by the name of Kockrums was the selected tender for the design whilst the Australian Submarine Corporation (ASC) was met with support from the Labor Party and several trade unions to build and manage the Submarines in South Australia. The Collins class submarine project was a big and complicated project, requiring an array
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