Project Management Processes And Product Oriented Processes

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ITEC 640 Mid Exam Nenna Sanoir October 21, 2016 Introduction The project management processes and product-oriented processes overrun throughout projects. Project management processes are interested in the work of the project and product-oriented processes as needed to produce a product, service, or information system. The project management processes are suitable to most projects. The project management processes are: Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing The initiating process defines the business need and the high expectations, resource budgets, and starts to identify those that may play a role in your strategy. The planning process details the project scope, time, resources, and risks, as intended approaches to communications, quality, and management of external acquisitions of goods and services. The working process establishes and guides the project team, communicating with and maintaining project listeners, and implementing the plans. The monitoring and controlling process handles the capture of performance. The closing process concludes in the end of all project activity. Product oriented processes are concerned with generating the project product. Product oriented processes are usually designated by the project life cycle and differ by application area. The product-oriented or the Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC phases are: Planning Design Coding Testing Deployment Maintenance The Planning is the
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