Project Management : Project Development Essay

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4. PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Management is an important part of project development. It deals with all the main areas for project development like Feasibility, Requirement analysis, Project Schedule, Project Plan etc. We have used the Project management approach to deal with all the series. It is achieved by proper selection of Software Life Cycle Model. 4.1 FEASIBILILITY STUDY 4.1.1 Technical Feasibility In current environment people have forget their things more and more in busy and daily scheduling. So they are mainly waste their time to find those lost or misplaced item that’s why people loss their valuable time in finding their important thing. This problem faced by many people. So that’s why solution is the key finder application which I will develop. This product is already not available in market because I add some extra feature to find the things and I add one of the useful feature for take a selfie. In my project requirement is one hardware BLE device and one android phone which operating system has require 4.3 and above and will support the Bluetooth 4.0. In the android smartphone this application is install any place and any time its free of charge. BLE device cost is 350 to 400 rupees. This product is very useful for the finding pets, finding child, finding pen drive and daily useful things. It’s save lots of valuable time and reduce the lose thing. 4.1.2 Time Schedule Feasibility Time Schedule Feasibility is defined as a how long our project is demanded and
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