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International University SCHOOL OF BUSINESS COURSE SYLLABUS1 Project Management Note: The outline with specific venue and time, and updated learning materials for the current semester will be provided to the enrolled students by the lecturer 1. COURSE STAFF Lecturer: Room: 207 Telephone: E-mail: Consultation Hours: 8.00 – 11.00 Thursday morning or by appointment Teaching Assistant: 2. COURSE INFORMATION 1 2.1 Teaching times and Locations Lecture: 8.00 – 11.00 a.m. Venue: 1 2 2.2 Units of Credit This course is worth 3 credits. 2.3 Parallel teaching in the course There is no parallel teaching involved in this course. 2.4 Relationship of this…show more content…
More information on student conduct is available at the university webpage. 4.4 Keeping informed The students should take note of all announcements made in lectures or on the course’s Blackboard. From time to time, the university will send important announcements to their university e-mail addresses registered with the school without providing a paper copy. The students will be deemed to have received this information. 5. LEARNING ASSESSMENT 5.1 Formal Requirements In order to pass this course, the students must: achieve a composite mark of at least 50; and make a satisfactory attempt at all assessment tasks (see below). 5.2 Assessment Details 5.2. 1 Attendance (5%): In order to get 5% of attendance score, a student must attend all sessions. If a student is absent for more than two sessions, she or he will lose 5% of total course grade and may be prohibited from the final exam except for cases with medical reasons. 5.2.2 Homework (15%): Each student must submit a project proposal form, with enclosed budget and Ms Project schedule, before Session 8. Details will be announced. 5.2.3 Teamwork(10%): On Session 1, groups of maximum 5 students are formed and they will work on their group project throughout the course. Each team must present their analysis to a textbook case by answering the case questions (see the course calendar). Team members
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