Project Management Project Manager Job

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In a perfect world, the project manager would simply implement the project plan and the project would be completed. The project would work with others to formulate a schedule, organize a project team, keep track of the progress, and announce what needs to be done next, and then everyone would charge along. (Larson p.339) We do not live in a perfect world and most of the time things do not go according to plans. When situations arise project participants get upset, become angry with each other, technical glitches accrue, and sometimes the job takes longer than excepted. The project manager job is to get the project back running smoothly, serve as a peacemaker, and make appropriate trade off, time cost, and the scope of the projects. Project managers do more than put out fires and keep the project on track. Project managers have to deviate from what was planned and introduce significant changes in the project scope and schedule to respond to unseen threats or opportunities. A job as a manager is not to do the work but to help others do theirs. Management is getting work done through others. (Williams p.3) Project managers are responsible for integrating assigned resources to complete the project according to plan. Project managers also have to initiate changes in a plans and schedules as problems make plans unworkable. Managers want to keep the project going even while making adjustments along the way. Management is about coping with complexity, while leadership…
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