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In a perfect world, the project manager would simply implement the project plan and the project would be completed. The project would work with others to formulate a schedule, organize a project team, keep track of the progress, and announce what needs to be done next, and then everyone would charge along. (Larson p.339) We do not live in a perfect world and most of the time things do not go according to plans. When situations arise project participants get upset, become angry with each other, technical glitches accrue, and sometimes the job takes longer than excepted. The project manager job is to get the project back running smoothly, serve as a peacemaker, and make appropriate trade off, time cost, and the scope of the…show more content…
(Larson p 340) Good management brings about order and stability by formulating plans and objectives, designing structures and procedures, monitoring results against plans, and taking corrective action when needed. Leadership involves recognizing and articulating the need to significantly alter the direction and operation of the work together to overcome hurdles produced by the change and to realize new objectives. Strong leadership is not always necessary to successfully complete a project. Well-defined projects that encounter no significant surprises require little leadership. It takes a special person to perform both roles well. (Larson p 340) There are many different sets of people and groups involved in a project. Each of these groups of stakeholders brings different expertise, standards, priorities, and agendas to the project. Stakeholders are any groups that have a stake – or a personal interest – in the performance and actions of an organization. Different stakeholders have different needs, expectations, and levels of interest. (Kelly/Williams p. 56) To be effective, a project manager must understand how stakeholders can affect the project and develop methods for managing the dependency. The natures of these dependencies are identified are: • The project team is a team that provides new tasks and skill development. The key is keeping the work stimulating and involving. Individuals at this stage also need continued
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