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Task 1
Project Manager: Mr. Bibek Shrestha
Organization: MultiSys Private Limited, Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal
1) As a Project Manager my job is to see that a project under me runs smoothly without any hindrances. Initially, we as a team of stakeholders of the project have to prepare a project plan according to the budget and resources available and make schedule on how and when the tasks are going to be executed. Then, we have to manage the team members according to plan and budget. I have to see that all the work goes according to schedule and just in case we lack behind I have to try to find the reason why we are behind and try and resolve the issues. I have to determine the risk and its impact to the project before it occurs and take
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A well planned framework always leads towards a smooth running project. A good choice of framework also allows you to track the progress of the project on each and every point.
6) A good IT manager always plan ahead with all the possible outcomes and is prepared for any situation before hand. Also he is always ready with a back-up plan just in case anything goes wrong. A good view of possible risk must be addressed beforehand so that he can tackle the incoming risk at any time. He has to keep his anxiety under control. A successful project manager will always produce a quality product at the end of every project period.

Task 2: Critical Analysis
It has been recognized over the last 30 years that project management is an efficient tool to handle novel or complex activities which is called a project (Munns and Bjeirmi 1996). According to El-Reddy (2011), project management is defined as the planning, organization, direction, and control of all kinds of resources in a specific time period for acquiring a defined objective comprised of numerous financial and non-financial targets. The goal of a project manager is to complete the defined objective on time. The project manager has to coordinate the deployment of available personnel, and the range of skills they bring, to accomplish project goals on time and on budget as claimed by
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