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QUESTION 1 Ideally, the requirement for an IS project would be specified in some detail before planning begins. If the requirement is not detailed enough, what steps can the project manager take to improve the likelihood of the project’s success? If the project manager does not know what the requirements for a project are, he can’t effectively begin to make a project plan. The level of detail required changes depending on the scope of the project. The more complicated the project (i.e. the larger the scope), the more details are needed. If a project manager decides that there is not enough detail in the project requirements, he should conduct a risk analysis. The project manager will need to identify and thoroughly document all areas of the specification require more detail, or what areas may be missing entirely. The manager will also make reasonable assumptions (documenting all of them clearly). After the documentation is ready, the project manager should run through all of the concerns with the client/customer. The customer and the project manager can then form an agreement on what is required of the IS project (some assumptions may be corrected, the cost to the customer may change or the time needed may change). Afterword, the project manager will have a stronger idea of what is required of the project and will be able to write up a clearer project plan. QUESTION 2 The Delphi technique aims to achieve a consensus estimate from the efforts of a number of estimators. How is

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