Project Management : Project Monitoring

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Briargrove Investments: Project Monitoring “Project management is a discipline—a set of methods, theories, and techniques that have evolved to manage the complexities of work that is unique and temporary.” (Verzuh, E., 2012). Briargrove Investment hired Torres Technology Adapters to design and install a centralized learning system (CLN) for its two thousand property management and acquisition employees. During the rollout phase of the centralized learning network, the project team encountered a system failure within management offices. After the project’s software team corrected rollout deviation through project monitoring and is in the process of beginning to bring remote offices online. This paper will address Briargrove centralized learning network CLN project monitoring aspects start with a plan, report to management, make recommendations and check for compliance with approved changes, reflections on the project, and three factors improved in the project. Monitoring, reporting, recommendations, and compliance “Project monitoring can begin as soon as there is a clear, validated baseline plan that has been approved by the project sponsor and accepted by the project leader and team.” (Kendrick, T., pp 301, 2015). The key aspects of monitoring a project are to use a monitoring plan, report to management, recommend corrective action and follow up with corrective actions. Initially, the CLN project management team deployed monitoring software suite, which
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