Project Management : Project Planning Fundamentals

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Abstract:now a days business has been growing with lots of changes in technological environment. These have brought very effective changes to project management.project management includes implementing,controlling,goals and identifying tasks which are to be achieved.the concept of the project and project management involves project evaluation,project selection,project planning fundamentals.project cost control and scheduling of a project in critical methom(cpm) which are crucial to technology-intensive organizations which have been discussed.a project is a sequence structure that are connected with many activities and having one goal and that should be completed by the given time within budget and at required specifications.each and every projects have specified with starting date and ending date and they are completed in time.there are some operations that has only starting date but that doesnot have ending is also involves different methods such as planning,executing,controlling and managing in order to achieve the given particular these methods we cannot ensure the complete success but there is a chance to attain success.stakeholders are also plays an important role in this project management along with project team members.

Project Selection:
The very first is project selection,our success is mainly depend on the project selection.usually project managers are responsible for the selection of the mainly involves drafting of the
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