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Project Management

Project Management. What does the words Project Management mean and what are the steps to managing a great project. If we break down the two words Project Management it is defined on as “The process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling the production of a system”. As shown in the website Project Insight there are multiple different steps in the project management roll such as project scope, life cycle, objectives, assumptions, constraints and risks just to name a few.

When you define the project scope this will identify all the work in details that the project will tackle in order to accomplish the goal. The scope is very important in defining the project and its requirements. Each project has a life cycle and when missing any part of the scope you can cause unforeseen extra cost, extra time, multiple variations and issues to the project and the final product. When you can learn to manage the scope you will learn to create successful projects in the optimal time.

The importance of the project management in todays society is that everything in our life can be defined as a project. The two samples of project management in my personal business are among two recent clients who need websites due by the end of this weekend. While they are both websites they are vastly different due to the ecommerce application needed in the websites implementation. When scoping out these projects I have to project the full scope of work…
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