Project Management Skills And Knowledge Of Change Management Processes

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I went into this course with the intention of enhancing my project management skills and knowledge of change management processes. I was already well versed in the field of project management, serving as a project coordinator for the last two years in my organization, so learning new techniques on how to eliminate waste and improve efficiency posed interesting to me. Through this course, I have learned that an essential part of succeeding in process improvement efforts are to value and take into account the view of all stakeholders within the organization. The project component of the course, has allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skill engaged at the workplace. In order to satisfy the project component of the course, I decided to focus on a managerial and budget issue at my organization. LMG Medical Spa is a small healthcare agency in the Miami area. The organization was unable to fill vacant positions in a timely matter, creating staffing shortages which lead to employee dissatisfaction, overtime payment and a reduction on the volume of patients seen. The objective of my project was to decrease the agency’s overtime payment from 40 hours to 0 by December 12, 2014. Overtime payments are not necessary a bad thing, in fact overtime payments can be a successful employee retention strategy. Employees who collect overtime regularly will be less tempted to migrate to another company. (Tuggle 2014) However, in our case mandatory overtime
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