Project Management Structure Paper

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Project Management Organizational Structures Paper

University of Phoenix

MGT 437- Project Management
Roy Chuang
December 2, 2012
Project Management Organizational Structures Paper

A project organization is a framework of rules and regulations that companies use to facilitate the harmony and finishing point of project activities. Its foremost objective is to generate a atmosphere that will encourage relations between project workers with the least amount of distractions as possible. It is important to select the organization structure at the beginning of every project. Based on the uniqueness of the project, each project structure has various forms of its own
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The functional structures allow all the employees inside the functional divisions of a company to perform a set of specific assignments. Every department within a company is staffed with employees that are knowledgeable in that specific field. For example, employees that specialize in engineering stay within the engineering section of the company, and the administrator that work in the Human Resources (HR) department stay in that sector of the company. It is a very comprehensible system to keep the right people in the right place doing the job they are trained to do The only negative aspect to this setup of this structure is that there is little to no communication between the among the separate divisions. However, if an emergency were to arise, each division would be able to respond accordingly. The second structure in project organization is the matrix structure. According to "What Is A Matrix Structure" (2010), “The matrix structure is an organizational plan that groups employees by both function and product. The organizational structure is very flat, and the structure of the matrix is differentiated into whatever functions are needed to accomplish certain goals. Each functional worker usually reports to the functional heads, but do not normally work directly under their supervision. Instead, the worker is controlled by the membership of a
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