Project Management Students Attending Itt Technical Institute

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Currently, all students attending ITT Technical Institute are learning some sort of Project Management through specific courses that primarily teach only the theory behind Project Management. The students attending ITT Technical Institute would greatly benefit from hearing from Project Managers and Engineers first hand on what to expect in the field in which the students are studying, and to speak on personal events that they have been through on the job and how the importance of project management helped the speakers out in those events. A faculty member has brought the idea to the Chair of the Business Program, that it would be a great idea to start a Project Management Student Group and shed more light and visibility around the project management degree within the school. Having the project management student group set up in the school and bringing in guest speakers will better prepare the students for the career ahead, after graduating from ITT Technical Institute. The Chair of Business has approved the idea and plan to start the project management student group has been proposed.
After reviewing the project management student group request, a risk assessment was used to determine all of the projects risks and constraints. One of the main project constraints is the lack of budgeting; the project was allotted no budget to get the ball rolling and no budget to keep the program running. Without a solid number for a budget, the project manager will be
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