Project Management System : Wal Mart

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Project Management System: Wal-Mart (Assistant Manager)
Strategic Plan From its very first store in Bentonville, Arkansas and now having numerous branches all over the globe, Wal-Mart has not stopped believing in the “business philosophy” that the customer is always the “number one” priority. Mr. Sam Walton, the main man behind the huge retail department store corporation, set forth a simple yet practical “culture” wherein “serving the customer’s needs first” is equivalent “to serving” its employees and “stakeholders” from within. Some of the business tactics that the firm sustains are its extraordinary bond with suppliers, well-organized management schemes putting great emphasis on Walton’s idea of constantly lowering
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Simply put, the system must inculcate first the values of Walton into its employees or associates through various orientations, activities along with assessment exercises and standards to be in tune with age-old company beliefs and policies towards attaining the desired performance. During the firm’s “21st Annual Meeting for the Investment Community” in October 2014, President and CEO Doug McMillon pointed out four “growth strategies” that are mainly associated with the “customer’s needs.” One subject for concern is regarding the variety of goods available to the consumers. As promised, Wal-Mart will maintain its upgraded “product options” for the many years to come. Similarly, the idea of low pricing is known as one of the company’s standard operating procedures and it plans to consistently lead the industry when it comes to this category at all their branches. A third key aspect for development is “shopping experience” which directly corresponds to “customer service.” The company is, in fact, working with every member of its system towards the attainment of greater client satisfaction.
The fourth concern for expansion is “access” which Wal-Mart knows is combining both on-site and “online” resources. Having multiple “locations” is a big factor in this matter because it translates to better accessibility. Since the firm has already
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