Project Management System (Web Application) . Aniket Shewale1,

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Project Management System (Web Application)
Aniket Shewale1, Premsagar Sarang2, Prasad Pawar3, Sanket Kale4 1, 2, 3,4UG Scholar, Department Of Information Technology, Terna Engineering College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai-400706 Prof. Safia Sadruddin5 5Assistant Professor, Terna Engineering College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai-400706
ABSTRACT: Project management systems show an increasingly growing technical expertise in IT industry. As the number of users, who use project management applications continue to grow. In today’s environment, different federations and organizations are progressively managing their activities and processes as projects to supervised performance more closely and make better project development decisions about their overall work.
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The main objective of a PMS system is to distribute the right information to right people at the right time so that compulsory and corrective actions can be taken at right time. A PMS can facilely facilitate the project management, resource management and near authentic-time communication resulting in smooth transmission of essential information at different calibers. The discipline of Project Management system enables the organization to align its people and projects with its strategic objectives for magnification and efficiency. A web predicated project management solution will give much-needed overtness, insight, and control and efficacious management of all projects. What is project Management? Project management is the process of planning, scheduling, resource management, requirement analysis, designing, testing to achieve a project goal and objectives. Without project management the projects are not complete in given time and thus time and cost of the project is increased. Therefore, project management is required for remove such barriers in project development and to achieve the specific goal.
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