Project Management Techniques For Success And Failure

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Project Management Techniques for Success and Failure Individual Assignment BPM501, Semester 1 2016 Table of Contents Executive Summary 1. Introduction 2 2. Project Classification 2 2.1 project success factor 2.2 cause of project failure 2.3 project success factor of IT 2.4 project failure factor of IT 3. Scope of the literature 4 3.1 Key words 3.2 Databases 3.3 Journals 4. Background (Headings and subheadings) 5 5. Discussion 6. Recommendations 7. Conclusion 8. Your reflection Executive Summary The main purpose of the report is to determine the facts that software manager manage many project some project get successes and some cannot execute on time due to some reasons it may be any reason lack of man power, less communication with senior members, stakeholders were not participate in the project there were not enough resources to complete the project and may be over budget of the project which lead to failure of projects and some techniques are not implemented in every project and thus cause to project fail. This report is intended to success and failure of project and also describe how to manage them so the risk of failure of project can be reduced to some extent. 1. Introduction A project is the complex structure it is the group of individual task and it also depend on the various factor dedicated team members, clear goal, responsibility, everyone follows the winning approach support by senior members and also bounded with
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