Project Management : The Application Of Knowledge, Skills, Tools, And Techniques

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IntroductionProj Introduction
Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to conform to customer demands.

From this definition, the main focal spot of this assignment is to meet the needs of Dambek in the terms of looking at the information offered to my group and coming after the scope of it. From what I gathered, it mainly reflects the performance specifications of the project deliverables. I remember presenting the project scope was a great advantage because my team was able to grow and understand Dambek 's prospects for their expansion and learning how to manage those opportunities through secondary research and producing a Gantt chart and explaining our processes through the PowerPoint Presentation. (, 2016).

Project management Process: Overall Experiences
Taking into account, the whole experience I gained from doing the Dambek 's project, getting the grasp of understanding what project management is, and its main functions through working with my group allowed to see how significant it is. Personally, I found the Dambek 's project very interesting and insightful to see how project managers are used excessively in businesses to determine maximum performance and improvements where necessary in the terms of opening a new operation.
From this project, I personally believe referring to the theory of Belbin team roles and its individual strengths and failings. The role I think I took on during the Dambek 's project was based…
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