Project Management : The Brisbane Airport

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Task A: Background of the project 2
Task B: Project Risk Management 3
The graph 5
TASK C: Project Control System 6
TASK D: Critical Evaluation 7
Monitoring 7
Go/No-Go Control 7
Earned value analysis 8
Project Tracking 8
Post Control 8
Cybernetic control 8
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Task A: Background of the project
The Brisbane Airport is located 14 kilometers north east of the Brisbane central business district. As much as 27 airlines fly from the airport in 43 different national and 39 international destinations. The Brisbane airport is making some modifications in the Brisbane airport by introducing a new parallel runway to ease up the traffic of airplanes. This will help to reduce the delays in the flights both arriving and departing from the airport. This project was started in the year 2014 and is expected to be completed in the year 2020. The new parallel runway (NPR) will be 3.3 kilometers and 60 meters wide. It will be located 2 km west of and parallel to the existing runway. The investment of the project is 1.35 billion dollars. More than 12 km of taxiways will be there which will help the flights to leave the runways at higher speeds in traffic conditions. (BNE, 2015)
• The greatest aviation project in Australia, when complete will give Brisbane the best runway framework in the country.
• As much as360 hectaresof delicate marshland has been recovered by pumping 11 million cubic meters of

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