Project Management : The Volkswagen Crisis Essay

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Ariel Aponte
Final Exam Case Study
Fayetteville State University

Dr. Richardson
CPM 610
October 9, 2016

Organizations have become engrossed on achieving rapid outcomes for their projects, which result in actions that essentially contradict the fundamental purpose of project management. The Volkswagen crisis could have avoided if the Volkswagen organization had good management and strong leadership throughout the life cycle of the project. To avoid the existing crisis to repeat itself, the incoming CEO for Volkswagen organization must set the standard, hold managers accountable, and ensure the organization is meeting the desired outcomes.
In the case study of Volkswagen, the project management team failed to use the project life cycle as the foundation for managing the project (Pinto, 1990). The Volkswagen crisis could have initially been avoided during the defining stage. According to Larson and Clifford, good management brings about order and stability by formulating plans and objectives, designing structures and procedures, monitoring results against plans, and taking corrective actions when necessary (Larson & Gray, 2014). As the project manager for this project, I would have first defined the specification of the project. By properly defining the project, the project management would have detected that diesel engine for the Volkswagen was not meeting the emission standard (Hutchinson, 2015). This could have been also avoided if the project management had
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