Project Management Tools For A Gantt Chart

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Project Management Tools 1. What is a Gantt chart? A Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart which shows activities/ events/ tasks performed against time. It is an important project management tool where position of the bar shows start and end of the activities and length of the bar shows duration of the activity. Advantages: ⎫ Provides a visual overview of deadlines and key dates of an activity which offer a more understandable method of maintaining timescale based on tasks and events on daily/ weekly/ monthly reports. ⎫ Visually displays activities carried by other team players on the same chart, so that there wouldn’t be any confusion or misunderstandings. ⎫ Interrelation of various tasks are displayed so that the task which relays on…show more content…
For this purpose, company should hire a special manager to look in to this always. ⎫ Doesn’t show the number of resources involved in the tasks, and also work hours assigned to the resources for a particular task. ⎫ Other alternatives for the project completion cannot be displayed on this chart. 2. Why should every task have at least one person assigned? Every task should have some work hours assigned to it. These hours have to be handled by a person or more than one so that the task responsibility is fully taken and status can be updated frequently assign the resource with 100% busy throughout the schedule than looking like the resource(s) is idle on those days. 3. Predecessors column It lists the task ID numbers for the previous task on which the task is dependent before it is started or completed. Each predecessor is linked by a specific type of task dependency and a lag time/ lead time. It is best used to display or update predecessor tasks. By entering task ID, it is assumed that project has a finish to start dependency with zero lag time. 4. Information observed using different views: Gantt chart: Displays the activities/ tasks assigned with each resource, start and end dates, task duration, % completion of task, predecessor task IDs linked with the task. Task Usage: Displays the total work hours assigned to complete a task and the number of hours worked on a
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