Project Management Tools Used For Alpha Tech

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Project Management Tools used in Janguar Project: 1. Work breakdown structure In the Teradyne 's traditional execution of the project always not well defined, using WBS the project scope and deliverables become well defined, with detail description from all task and the relation of one task and another, it could make their job description very clear, so it easier for the manager for them to assign task to the engineer. 2. 3-ponint estimation In the jaguar project, they make scenarios for their project as the optimisctic, the most likely, and the pessimistic. In Jaguar project they used this tools, for example, when they have to shipped the complete system, software did not meet all the features requires by customer even it was functional. Thus in the next 6 months they just focus with fixing bugs and upgrading software for Alpha Tech, because this customer is a huge potential customer, and they seems have powerful influence of the rest of the industry. The disadvantage of this tools is many people too concern with the metric to make it look good rather than managing the project, they fell into this trap because they fell pressure to manage a good metric. 3. 3. Critical path analysis As we discussed in the previous traditional execution, their project is oftely delay to the market, this tools are useful for them to analyze their critical path. In jaguar project they used Primavera to identify the critical path at every point of the project. This tools useful to ensure the
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