Project Management: What I Learned

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Role and tasks
The main issue that I had to deal with during the project is the near absence of the action plan. The plan should consists of a number of action/steps that need to be performed in order to reach the research project’s objectives. Due to the absence of an action plan, we wasted time/efforts by either doing nothing or doing things that are irrelevant. Besides, the research project workload was not divided between us in a fair manner. This is mainly due to the absence of both a solid project schedule and a project manager/leader. The role of a project manager should be supporting team members and assigning tasks to them. As a result I wasn’t able to contribute to the project's progress as it was expected from me.
Regarding my contribution to the project, before everything, I read various papers about Embodied conversational agents (ECAs) in order to have a clear idea about the subject. Also, I have helped writing and reviewing deliverables. Generally, my duty throughout the project was supporting and helping the team in various aspects such as conducting the experiment, writing and reviewing papers.
Moreover, my activities throughout the research project were: 1. Do online research on ECAs and education 2. Brainstorm about the topic of research 3. Help writing and reviewing papers (P1-P8) as well as making presentation slides 4. Work on the experiment’s settings such as questionnaire- online survey 5. Help conducting the experiment at a primary school 6. Help
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