Project Management Within The Frames Scenario

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Assignment 3: Frames Project Planning

The following report will explore the theme of project management within the Frames scenario. The overall aims of project management within Frames can be summarised within the diamond diagram below:

Fig1 In brief, the project has to meet the expectations of the Frames management within the constraints of quality, cost time and scope.

1) Overview Before final authorisation is granted for the launch of the Frames project, key decisions have to be made about how the overall project is to be planned and managed so that project delivery occurs within the agreed timeframes and the agreed budgetary plans. At the outset it is vital to agree upon the definition of the project. The definition
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The IT solution for Frames needs to fulfil the functional and non-functional requirements that have already been outlined and identified in the system.
3) Organisation
This refers to how the project is going to be planned and conducted for its approximate three month duration, how it will be implemented, the overall structure, the key players, the make-up of the project management team, and the key roles that each member of the team will play during the process, i.e., who will be primary software developer, database analyst, systems analyst, etc. The project will be divided into a number of stages and the overall arching aim of the plan should be to deliver the plan within the agreed stages:
i) The initial meetings and the discussion phase with the Frames management (should ideally take place before the project commences, during November/December if a January start is to achieved. ii) The observations of the current Frames IT system in operation should theoretically begin, with interviews and discussions with the end users and be completed within the first two weeks of the project iii) Planning and design of the software code to be used within the new system by early February at the earliest. iv) The implementation of the system architecture during February/March.
v) Testing and perfection of the system up until early April when the project is due to
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