Project Management: a System Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling

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Learning Legacy’s ‘goldmine of knowledge’ 知识的金矿kept by Cabinet Office内阁办公室 The future of an innovative industry resource designed to ensure that the lessons from the successful London 2012 construction programme are retained for other projects has been guaranteed. ODA的作用 The Olympic Delivery Authority’s (ODA) Learning Legacy website is packed with case studies and reports based around ten themes, promoting successes in areas including health and safety, sustainability, procurement, transport and project management. It comprises more than 300 papers put together by the ODA and its supply chain of companies from all over the UK, along with contributions from independent industry bodies and academics. When launched late last year, it…show more content…
Those workers participated in the safest Olympics construction program in recent memory, said Alistair G. Gibb, professor of complex project management at Loughborough University in England. Gibb spoke to more than 600 attendees at the Construction Industry Institute conference in Baltimore on July 23. Gibb showed a photo of the words “Olympics are painted in workers’ blood,” written by disgruntled construction workers on a concrete wall at an Olympic venue. He said official statistics show two fatalities during the 1996 Barcelona Olympics construction, one fatality during the 2000 Sydney Olympics construction, 14 killed during the 2004 Greece Olympics construction and 10 killed during construction for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But in addition to completing work on budget and ahead of schedule, the London Olympics construction program had no fatalities. Further, the overall accident frequency record was substantially below the U.K average. “Imagine the challenge” given to Sebastian Coe, a former Olympic gold medalist in track and chairman of the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, Gibb said. “Build us an Olympic Park. Do it all on time—there is no opportunity for slippage. Do it all on budget—there is a limited amount of money, and it has to be spent wisely. Build it with high

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