Project Management and Change Management Research Paper

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Project Management: Mitigating Risks to Improve the Chances of Success!

Parikshit Chavan 19 Aug 2012

Abstract Project Management is increasingly important in the IT industry as more and more companies and organizations integrate technology into their structure to solve problems and work more efficiently. This paper explains the process of Project Management and the risks, specifically associated with IT projects, that threaten the effective execution and success and implementation of an IT project. It describes in detail the process and tools used in Project Risk Management as well as how to mitigate risks throughout the life of a project.

Introduction Changes in technology, competition, and demand have prompted companies and
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It involves assembling and developing the project team and training them. It also involves implementing the approved changes to the project. The main outputs of the execution process group are progress reports and quality reports. Monitoring and Controlling The monitoring and controlling process group is one of the process groups that overlaps with other process groups or is working simultaneously with other process groups. The basic function of this process group is to observe, identify the problem and correct the problem. It ensures that the other processes are functioning correctly such as, the execution process group follows the outputs and the functions planned in the planning process group. This is an ongoing process. Quality is one of the important aspects of this process group. Closing This is the last process group of the project management lifecycle, it closes the project. It involves ensuring that the stakeholder’s requirements are satisfied and gaining stakeholders acceptance for the delivered project. It also involves creating the lessons-learned report.4 Triple Constraint of Project Management All projects have three objectives to meet the requirements of the end-users needs. These objectives are scope, time and cost, also known as the Triple Constraint. Project scope refers to the deliverables and the boundaries of the project. Time signifies the schedule of the project and the date of delivery

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