Project Management and Max Lionel

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Assessment task 1 BSBPMG522A Undertake project work ETHICS IN REAL ESTATE 1.1 Initiation and scope Project brief Project title Develop and deliver presentation for clients about real estate ethical standards. Project purpose As a purpose of this project Max Lionel Realty (MLR) wants to built a customer goodwill and satisfy its legal and ethnical obligations. In order to achieve that the company will: -Inform agents of legal and ethical obligations in relation of WHS and anti-discrimination legislation; and any standards or codes of conduct by the organization. -Promote high standards in promotional conduct by legislation and vision of the company. -Inform clients, tenants and…show more content…
They must be educated about the progress of the project, how they can help to it and the benefits that it has for them. The main audiences of this communication plan are: -Project client -Project manager -User group participants; including clients, tenants, agents and company directives What Who Purpose When/frequency Methods Internal initiation meeting Project manager, Project client and company directives Gather information for initiation plan and make sure that company heads knows about objectives of the project MUST BE SPECIFIC DATE Meeting Explanatory brochure for announcement Internal stakeholders Explain program. Distribute information to all company members about the new directions that company will take with customers Before project starts date Project snapshot shared via hard copy and electronically Project kick-off All stakeholders Presentation of the project to everyone showing company roles and responsibilities. Also collect feedback from clients in case we have to refocus the projects in some aspects At project start date Meeting conference Provide senior management endorsement. Status report. Internal stakeholders Implement possible changes by customers feedback to improve project implementation process Once project start Internal meeting Distribution of information External stakeholders: client and tenants Update of information. Distribute presentation to all publics involved Mid-project
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