Project Management and Program Office

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Federal Radar On the morning of November 14, Sharon Taylor, Space Warning Network (SPAWN) Program Manager, was getting ready for a private meeting with Paul Shaifer, President of the Federal Rader Corporation (FedRad). Mr. Shaifer had scheduled the meeting to discuss the problems that had plagued the company’s important SPAWN Program during its first year and a half. These problems, which included unauthorized design changes and Taylor’s inability to control the program’s cost, schedule, and technical performance, had contributed to a cost overrun and schedule delay, estimated at 30% and four months respectively, and a general loss of customer confidence. The Federal Radar Corporation Since its founding, FedRad had been…show more content…
Emery and Taylor presented and discussed the new organization on many occasions during the next three weeks. Each presentation led to lengthy arguments and terminated in disagreement. At this point, Emery was assigned to another task. Consequently, establishing an operational SPAWN Program Office was left entirely to Taylor. When the actual engineering work was to being, Taylor had been able to secure, for her office, only five people from the Engineering Department. These people were responsible for technical management and program control. Greggson refused to give Taylor additional engineers. Taylor was able to obtain from other departments one person to perform manufacturing liaison work and another to act as Subcontracts Manager. She hired two Program Control people. Taylor felt insecure about her organizational support as SPAWN moved into high gear. Her feeling was borne out during the next six months. By January of this year, the SPAWN Program was two months behind schedule and a cost overrun of from 10-25% was projected. The problems leading to the January situation are described below. Technical Management Problems The Program Office’s technical management team consisted of George McTavish, Technical Manager, Phillip Hsu, Technical Manager, and Peter Kolman, Systems Integration Coordinator. All three men remained on the Engineering Department payroll. McTavish
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