Project Management in Bangladesh

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Overview of the Assignment Project is a catalog of human thought on life’s most important questions. We are enlarging the scope of our project and this site is currently under development. Bangladesh is a developing country. In Bangladesh project management is very crucial task in the government institution and government officials. In case of Bangladesh project procedures is very lengthy process. In this concern project planning and implementation is very lengthy because of cultural heritage manpower unavailability, unaware of time concept & cost, centralized authority, complex formalities, lack of technical competence, hesitance and inconsistence in decision making. In Bangladesh, there is no such thing as Time-Cost Trade-Off…show more content…
Notable examples of this type of projects are projects in the industry sector. It is to be noted that event such projects may include indirect and intangible benefits. Type “Y” Productive but non- revenue earning projects i.e. projects which give rise to tangible output, benefit of which do not accrue directly to projects themselves but to other parties. Notable examples are irrigation projects. Type “Z” Service sector projects i.e. projects which do not give raise to tangible output but provide service benefits to the society e. g. educational institutions, hospitals etc. C. Criterion 3- Priority In allocation of resources, some projects are given a higher priority than the others based upon their importance for the country. Further some projects are considers to belong to the core o9f the development process i.e. has a major linkage value regarding the viability of other projects depending upon it e. g. infrastructural, power sector and projects producing primary products. Apart from the vertical integration of core projects other points considered for classifying a project as a “core project” are following: * Only “approved”, “reversed unapproved” and “PEC recommended” projects * Adequate availability of foreign and local funds * Project nearing completion * “X” type and infrastructural development projects * Shorter gestation period * Foreign aided projects The Government of Bangladesh has divided the
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