Project Management of the PM Road Case

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Project Management Assume the role of a project manager overseeing the construction of a 15-mile road. The work is uniformly spread over 12 weeks. Suppose the client has approached your firm and has requested an additional 3 miles to be added to the road without an adjustment to the project completion date. Among the 7 basic tools of quality, which tools would you recommend to control the quality in the given situation? Justify your choices with examples from your professional experience and list the merits and demerits of using the tools you choose. This situation has two deviations that could make the project changes rather complicated. The first is that the project's scope is being altered by over ten percent. This will change many of the activity durations as well as the material planning requirements needed to supply the raw materials used in constructing the road. Under the original scope and schedule, there would need to be a little over a mile of road constructed each week. However, under the new scenario there would be a mile and a half needed to be finished each week on average to be able to complete a successful project. Furthermore, if the decision to expand the road was made after the project had already begun then these figures would be even higher. Therefore another challenge will be how to crash the schedule to support the additions to the scope while maintaining quality at the same time. Out of the seven basic tools of quality, there are a few

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