Project Manager : A Global Bank At South Africa

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1. Introduction AFM is a global bank with headquarters in South Africa, they employ 45,000 members of staff worldwide and have operations, including investment banking in the UK, Hong Kong and USA with retail banking in Africa. They have a Shared Service Centre (SSC) in South Africa supporting their operations; however the CFO plans to move it to either China or India. In the process of developing the SSC, the Project Manager (PM) was fired. Their IT department has numerous projects, some of which are compulsory by law, to complete and are struggling to meet their budget and time constraints. The reasons for their poor P3M performance are, that they have too many projects running at the same time, they are reluctant to kill projects…show more content…
(2011), issues arise in a project, when Senior Management is inefficient or lacks managerial principles like support, understanding the suppliers, delegation or communication. For example, many teams within organisations use email solely for communication, however, the emails are not usually shared on a central forum for the entire organisation, which create silos and further communication problems. Communication breakdown is a primary source of project failure, as 75% of organisations are affected by it (PMI, 2014). Lack of visibility is a further problem, because, when members of staff do not have access to information they need, at the right time (West, 2015) there will be gaps between projects and the organisation’s strategy. Another critical source of project failure is a lack of Requirements Management (PMI, 2014), occurring if the project does not meet its intended purpose of quality, is not in scope, or is over budget (King, 2015) or have undefined project success criteria (Kappelman, et al., 2006). Projects also fail due to
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