Project Manager At Called Cyquest Business Solutions

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The Context I have chosen is the project manager at called Cyquest Business Solutions. This is a contract company of the Federal Government agency, the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC). The PBGC protects defined pension plans for participants of companies that have gone bankrupt and ensure that the participants of these plans still receive their retirement benefits long after the company has dissolved. The company states their vision is to "provide a sustainable pension agency committed to serving customers and expanding retirement security opportunity" ("Our Mission, Vision And Values").
The structure of this company is Bureaucratic and hierarchical. Upper management (project manager and assistant project manager) has the final say and decision making in every aspect. The structure of this organization goes as follows; highest in hierarchy are the government employees at PBGC located in Washington. These employees along with Congress set the policies and procedures that every project needs to be handled by. After the government employees are the contract employees located in Sarasota, Florida. That is where Cyquest Business Solutions begins. The highest in hierarchy of Cyquest Business Solutions in the physical office would be the project manager, after that is the assistant project manager. Then the company is split into teams, beginning with the supervisor, team leader, then proceeds with the senior, junior, and entry level employees.
At Cyquest Business

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