Project Manager For The Implementation Of And Enterprise Business Software Application

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Brewton Enterprises have requested my service as the lead project manager for the implementation of and enterprise business software application. The first task before beginning the project was to identify the primary stakeholders in Brewton Enterprises who will have a vested interest in the project and also approve the final product. The primary stakeholders are as follows: 1. Mark Brewton---Chief Operating Officer (COO) 2. Barbara Scharer---Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 3. Jennifer Morales---Sales/ Customer Service 4. Roger Tomlinson---Human Resources 5. Mike Benson---Information Technology Director 6. William Hunter---Chief Operations Officer 7. Gary Holmes---Systems Administrator 8. Nancy Davis---Web Developer 9. Jim Travis---Network…show more content…
In order for this project to be successful all the stakeholder’s feedback and/or concerns must be listened to and I will make this my utmost priority. From past experiences I know that this will be a challenge as all the stakeholders could have conflicting opinions about what features the application should have but we will all work together to ensure that everyone feels their concerns have been given their due diligence. Human resources will play a key role in hiring technically skilled team members to work on the project. The team makeup can be the deciding factor between the success and failure of a project. Human resources has the daunting task of looking for and securing team members who have the needed talents to become an asset to the project’s success. The analysis of potential team members, including technical work experience and background checks, will fall on the shoulders of human resources and is absolutely essential before beginning the project. Last but not least, securing hardware resources for the project is essential as well. I cannot stress enough how important having all the necessary software and hardware components are to the success of a project. You can have the most talented team assembled in the world, but if their hardware is insufficient or the network is down this does not matter. Uninterrupted workflow
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