Project Manager : Mgt609 Team H. Business Need

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Project Scope:
Project Manager: MGT609 Team H
Business Need:
The original Yankee stadium was constructed at its present site in 1923. Over the past 82 years, the stadium had undergone several expansions and renovations. The most extensive improvements were made approximately 30 years ago when the stadium was almost completely demolished. In the course of recent years, the stadium had experienced a few developments and redesigns. The most broad changes were made roughly 30 years back when the stadium was very nearly totally devastated and after that reconstructed. New stadium needed to be constructed to accommodate all the spectators and provide sufficient parking space.

Product Description:
To reconstruct a Yankee Stadium in the Bronx with a capacity for 54,000 spectators, new parking garages containing 5,254 spaces and recreational park facilities.
• The stadium has to be constructed in 12.5 acres.
• The stadium will cost $2308.93 million.
• This project would be completed in 3 years, which is from 2006 to 2009.
• The current parking space gets filled when the game attendance reaches approximately 15000. The parking has to be twice the area of existing one.
• Provide a modern stadium that can adequately support baseball and stadium operations, players and the media.
• Design the proposed stadium to closely reflect the traditional home and style of New York Yankees.
• Minimize adverse impacts and improve conditions in the surrounding area


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