Project Manager With Hospital Corporation Of America

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My desire to earn an MBA degree grew from my job as project manager with Hospital Corporation of America. In this position, I worked on implementation and optimization projects and managed teams instrumental in creating policies and budgets for hospitals within the company. After my first implementation project, I became passionate about the huge role I played in advancing healthcare practices in the company. My job afforded me opportunities to set up my own project, create the milestones and scope principles, and manage my own team. My experience with managing daily activities on such large projects, while working with executive and senior leadership teams equipped me with an array of knowledge and experience on how to manage healthcare projects. These projects helped with my leadership and management skills with corporate and hospital employees. However, I felt I lacked the education in organizational and business practices needed to further understand the business process, flow, and principles of managing a company. I sensed I was missing a piece of the puzzle that would help me completely understand all the necessary components to effectively navigate as a healthcare professional. My constant battle between experience and knowledge led to the conclusion that furthering my education would be best. Enrolling as an MBA student provided me with the educational tools needed to determine the right methods to use in making high-level decisions. My initial MBA coursework gave

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