Project Managers During Managing And Controlling A Project

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Earned Value Management, as it is mentioned before, is a very useful tool for project managers during managing and controlling a project because in that phase of the project, many problems can be caused and the project to be in danger. There are two main categories of factors that may cause a hazard on a construction project during the phase of monitoring and control. The risks associated with endogenous and exogenous factors. Endogenous factors include conflicts when planning, improper supervision of subcontractors, inadequate staff and / or inadequate training, poor match between job skills and tasks and changes in key personnel. It is important that the management of the project to recognize the problem and take corrective action within…show more content…
Senior managers have to cooperate with project managers in order the staff to fully understand the following points: • That EVM is a powerful tool that can help in managing a project. The life of everybody who participates in a project can be easier, as it offers better visibility of what is really happening in the project. • That EVM helps everybody to know the value ascribed to the work of every euro spent. • That EVM is a system that ensures accountability to decision makers. If the project staff can run such a system and demonstrate that they can take action when the metrics reveal problems in performance, then it improves its reliability. • That EVM is a tool that enables the problems regarding the cost and schedule for a project to be uncovered. The actions that should be taken in order to deal with the problems are exclusively upon the judgment of project managers and not the result of the method. • That the understanding of EVM concepts and the knowledge of how to operate within such a project monitoring system, can improve the management skills of the staff. (Ref??? - η από πάνω) It seems that Blaisdell (2012) in the EVMS guide for the USA Department of Energy agree with what Maheshwari and Credle (2010) (????) said about the use and the benefits of EVM. He claimed that EVM system: • Integrates the scope of a project, the cost and schedule in a Performance
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