Project Managers Face Multiple Challenges

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IT project managers face multiple challenges and issues in today’s unpredictable and global economy. To stay competitive in the demanding IT market, project managers are frequently adopting the latest cutting edge technologies to improve efficiency, products, and increase returns on investments. This increased technology/resource initiative has generated extraordinary demand for highly talented and skilled project managers capable of leading, organizing, and implementing critical projects activities with grace and professionalism. This report will focus on four key areas where project managers face the most challenges, while also providing strategies to mitigate/reduce the issues from occurring in the future. Staffing IT project managers…show more content…
Performance can also fall below optimal or acceptable levels as miscommunications and unnecessary hardships due to confusion or lack of clarity occur more frequently. IT staff cannot be expected to fall into a position and know exactly what to do and how to do it from the beginning (Six Sigma Online, 2013). Not only are project managers responsible for providing opportunities for staff training, they should also have expertise and experience in all of the tools and resources they expect staff to use and utilize throughout the project. A project manager that can properly seek guidance and/or guide others is a valuable project asset and a leader that others respect and admire. Location Information technology projects and project managers face a varity of challenges and difficulties as they relate to team and staff location. Colocation (domestic and international) project success requires patience and the ability of the project manager to master numerous challenges in a complicated environment. Conducting projects and communicating with staff from different locations requires a complete and detailed understanding of, unique legal, social, and political environments, safety/security/encryption management, and economic factors (Katz & Freedman, 2008). This often adds increased planning, organization, and complexity far beyond that of projects executed in collocated settings. Domestic and international separated teams create communication and organizational challenges through
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