Project Managers Face Multiple Challenges

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IT project managers face multiple challenges and issues in today’s unpredictable and global economy. To stay competitive in the demanding IT market, project managers are frequently adopting the latest cutting edge technologies to improve efficiency, products, and increase returns on investments. This increased technology/resource initiative has generated extraordinary demand for highly talented and skilled project managers capable of leading, organizing, and implementing critical projects activities with grace and professionalism. This report will focus on four key areas where project managers face the most challenges, while also providing strategies to mitigate/reduce the issues from occurring in the future.
IT project managers face tough staffing issues such as enthusiastic or unknowing employees or teams and the lack of proper employee training which plague large and small-scale projects (Better Minds Consultants, 2010). Project sponsors are frequently reducing project budget and deadlines as a result of outside economic factors while increasing project scope and deliverables, meaning that project managers and teams are insufficiently staffed and/or staff is not properly trained to complete tasks and deliverables using the proper resources. Many IT project staff members/teams underestimate the time and skill it will take to complete a project activity; many times not considering the time required to research, create, evaluate, and test project deliverables.…
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