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Discussion Question Short Essay

Quantum Bank Case Study, pg 73

• Who would you recommend that Stacey Thomas select to serve as project manager? Why?

• What are the characteristics of the candidates that you would attribute to a competent project manager?
• What important skills do you think the candidates are lacking? Why are they important?

Organizational Project Management or OPM is where an organization’s culture, style, and structure influence how its projects are performed & managed by accomplishing its purpose throughout its project lifecycle by how it is conducted and progress (Institute 20).

The competencies of a manager are knowledge, performance, and personal. In (Institute 17) defines it as follows:
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The PM's wants are simple—the individual in the organization who is most competent on the specific task to be accomplished. Let’s hope that he doesn’t lack enthusiasm for cooperation because Andy has little knowledge of routine work (Jr. 2010).


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