Project Monitoring

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Project Monitoring BA647: Project Management Integration Framework 15 November 2011 Project Monitoring is the monitoring of a project throughout the life cycle of the project, the monitoring of a project begins when there is a clear and verified plan of an approved project. According to Kendrick, Tom (2009) the monitoring of a project is dependent on four-cycle stages: • Stage one – inbound communication • Stage two – metrics and trend analysis • Stage three – responding to issues • Stage four – outbound communication The monitoring cycle provides the project leaders with information needed to conduct analysis and planning for the ongoing project. In Stage one of the projects' monitoring cycle the project leader is…show more content…
The example used earlier of the delayed shipment due to an accident that damaged critical component, here responding to issues is the project leader’s ability to make a quick decision to would not cause the project much delay. In this example the project leader decision to find an alternative sourcing for the wall, that was much closer to project site with shorter delivery time. . The final stage of the project monitoring cycle is Outbound Communication. Communicate, communicate, always let people involved in the project know what is going on, how the project is progressing, any setbacks or advances in the project, get the people involved in the project in the decision making process when coming up with solutions. As project leader it is essential that you present to the project sponsors project status reports, in these report include detailed summary of important issues, include only relevant data make the report short and to the point on issues. Have project meetings, do them often have an agenda, conform as much as possible to that agenda, get feedback from everyone and do not play the blame game. Informal meetings or discussion with project sponsors and other parties involved in the project is always ongoing and should be encouraged, the occasional phone calls, meeting during lunch, in the hallways etc. remember to document meetings and especially resolutions coming out of these informal meetings for future references,
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