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BUS 375: Project Management
Assignment 1 Project Motorcycles


Dorinda Greenfield
Instructor: Pamela Payne
Strayer University

Select one (1) of the types of project organization that would suit the development of the larger touring class motorcycles. Outline the process steps that your company would take in order to develop the motorcycles. Provide a rationale for the response. The things to consider when selecting a project organization are: project length, project size, and project location, experience with project management organization, philosophy and visibility of upper-level management, available resources, and unique aspects of the project. In this case study, the matrix organization would be the best
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For the production of medium size engines, the company must work as it always has. Part of the money made on the sale of those engines will be used to purchase more parts in order to keep producing the medium size motors. The company has to use a good “chunk” of the research and development budget for the long-term project. In order to keep cost low for both the production of the existing product and the implementation of the new project, the company will need skilled employees. Performance has a great impact on the success of any project. Performance is the result of ethics, knowledge, skills, sense of responsibility, and being project driven. A good performing team is a group of people that know what they have to do. They are trained and ready for the task. Each person on the team understands his or her responsibilities, so they know their boundaries. They stay focused on the project with or without supervision whether they work on in a group or alone. Their skills and the fact of being project driven will help save time and cost. Therefore, the crucial resources that are needed are human capital and finances. Suggest the project management leadership style that is most conductive to overseeing the operation of the business growth plan. There are six or more different leadership styles such as authoritarian, coercive, democratic, pacesetter, etc. Authoritarian

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