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For the past few years, Cruisers has been your designated location to purchase the motorcycle you can trust. Our customer’s appreciate the level of experience we have, and our attention to customer service. Cruisers has made your purchases not only easy, but special. Because of the loyal relationship we have developed with all of our customers, Cruisers has chosen a different type of motorcycle. The new Touring Class models will be available in addition to our standard fuel efficient cruisers. Cruisers decided adding a new product line would help achieve long term success. With the support of our customers and our research we should be able to accomplish short term and long term goals, in the next 5 years. Previously, Cruisers has used…show more content…
We will produce a new model a in a different form for new audience. Our company has started focusing on balancing the cost so that we can provide the customer with the same product as other dealers, but at a better price. This is done keeping in mind how the global economy is doing. Members of our research team have made sure this is possible and that we aren’t ever in a bad place in the market. The executives of Cruisers have made it very clear that with this project, we can not lose focus on what has always been important to this company. The management of the company believes they are not effecting the image of Cruisers if they are focusing on balancing some of the costs. This way, they can focus the saved money on enhancing the brand image and other activities for Cruisers. This in the end is all for the customers. Ethically, Cruisers believes that how we do business is how we represent ourselves. Our customers have shown that they appreciate that for many years. Our image is the largest strength for our company and has made Cruisers what it is today. For any motorcycle buyer, at Cruisers you are all treated equally. This is why our relationships with our customers becomes so important for Cruisers. The whole platform for the company is based on relating the relationships we have with our customers into our marketing strategies. The advertising strategy of the company has been to resignate on an emotional level with the

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