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Project Outline Project Description A. Users at The Department of Social Services are constantly and consistently getting viruses on the organizations computers, also their boss has complained that the specific users are always unable to meet their deadlines. The employees logged onto their computers and downloaded music, works from unauthorized servers, save confidential files to the computer desktop instead of the shared drive, download music and unauthorized personal software on the organization computer system. I. Introduction 2.1.0 Background A. The Department of Social Services assist people who are affected by personal and widespread crisis, for instance they help people who are in need of money for health…show more content…
3.1.6 Vulnerability testing: by conducting vulnerability tests allows the organization to see if the system can be penetrated and if there are any weak areas in the system. If vulnerabilities are found this allows the organization time to fix the problem. 3.1.7 Conducting Security Audits –security audits are required in order to protect either personal or business assets. 3.1.8 Investigation Window Systems A. User profiles: data that is created by a user or pertains to a user. B. Program files: application (programs) that were installed on the computer. C. Temporary files: Files that were created by applications to hold data temporarily. D. Special application-level files: Files such as Internet history and e-mail 3.1.9 Event Logs Windows provides an easy way to keep track of system log events, such as when a user logs on, when antivirus updates occur, when drivers fail, and other types of occurrences. E. Application log tracks actions that particular software applications identify as events. F. Security log is
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