Project Oversight Paper

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Project Oversight
Albert Payne
June 29, 2015
Roy Wood

We will look at the oversight in my organizations process in project management. Although we have certain processes and procedures in which we use I will incorporation project oversight in those areas. One process that stands out for my organization is called “Post Mortem”, this is a process that the executive branch uses on closure of projects or tasks. Post Mortem is where the manager of that department would documents issues with the process, how the ball was dropped, what process needs to be modified. This is oversight for use and is also consistent with oversight and lessons learned.

Project oversight can be defined as a set of principles
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Once the assessment of the oversight is completed we have changes via process or procedures, or cost along with scheduling. We identify and rectify these areas for future projects to be better. Which will result in better cost, scheduling, vendor interaction and a better process flow chart.
Oversight in our company impacts not only our project managers but also each manager or stakeholder associated with a project or task. The impact is, “what can we do better?” What has failed and how can we fix or modify the process? The PM is always going to be the lead and historical data in projects show that oversight for a PM will result in a better process for future projects when implemented. If the project manager ignores the oversight of a project they will surely run into the same issues as before and potentially doom a project for their oversight. Sometimes Project Managers need to create incentive programs to keep team members on point with the deliverables and the process in the project. There can be days off, extra pay or bonus money for schedule adherence or for cost savings. These incentives make staff members feel positive about their contributions and spurs additional effort in the future ("Creating Positive Incentives For Project Management Oversight", 2014).
The importance of project oversight in our organization for future project is substantial. We need the
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