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State University of New York Empire State College, MBA Program Course 651644: Tools and Processes in Project Management Summer 2013 term Instructor: Dr. Adams Assignment #1: X-philes Data Management Corporation: RFP Matters By Jose M Collazo What is the basis for the problem? There are two primary problems with how X-philes Data Management Corporation handled the request for proposal. The first one was the lack of communication by the managers who selected the same vendor for two different projects. This problem led to the creation of the second problem which is proper resource allocation. When dealing with multiple projects with the same vendor, the company runs the risk…show more content…
This situation could have been avoided by following prudent project management principles. The managers at X-philes Data Management Corporation will need to stay aware of the production capabilities of their chosen vendors. According to Pinto, one of the first steps should be determining which projects will pose the greatest demand on the available resources of their chosen vendor. Once that is achieved those resources need to be set aside. The main objective is to realize that resource bottlenecks are likely to spring from unexpected peaks in resource needs relative to the number of projects under development. Consequently, this approach identifies these possible bottlenecks and uses them as the starting point for additional resource allocation (Pinto 2013). How would you handle this situation? It is critical that project managers communicate properly when scheduling outside contractors to avoid resource utilization issues. As Pinto states the complexity of dealing with vendors increases when we consider it within a multi-project environment, that is, when we try to schedule resources among multiple projects that are all competing for a limited supply of resources. No project or program exists in isolation (Engwall, 2003). In such circumstances, a number of options are available to project managers to find the optimal balance between multiple competing projects and finite resources. Among the
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