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King Talal School for Business Management Information System Department Wal-Mart By: Yasmine Okasheh Supervisor: Dr. This graduation project was submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the bachelor’s degree in MIS May 8, 2012 Committee Decision This graduation project "Market Segmentation" was successfully defended and approved on April 3, 2012. Examination Committee Signature Dr. Abd Al-Ghafoor ______________ Authorization Form I am Yasmine Okasheh authorize PSUT – King Talal school to supply copies of my graduation project to libraries or establishments or individuals on request. Signature _______ Date _______ Abstract On our research…show more content…
Overview The giant retail store today has just started with an idea from Sam Walton back in the 50s. He opened a five-and-dime Walton store in March 1951, with just a small capital, with a new concept in the retail industry of offering his low-priced products. He believed that if he keeps his prices low, even to the point that his margins are just dimes, he could beat other retailers and profit through volume. Sam Walton’s first stores were so successful that the owner of the building, which he was renting, thought he would profit more if he break lease contract with Sam Walton and instead run the same business. Learning from his experience about having his own building to start his business, he moved to Rogers, Arkansas with his family and began the first Wal-Mart store in 1962. The company opened the first stores outside of Arkansas after 6 years. They incorporated the company on October 31, 1969 and named it Wal-Mart Stores Inc. The years following 1970’s have recorded significant development for Wal-Mart as it accomplished various milestones such as the opening of its first distribution centre and a Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas. Due to its rapid growth, the company began offering shares to public in 1970 to finance its expansion plans. In addition, the business began opening stores in several states in the US including Kansas, Oklahoma,
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