Project Pl Developing A Smartphone Application

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Karen is the sponsor of a project that is developing a Smartphone application that allows customers to access the company 's Web site and pay their invoices. She is unhappy with the way the project has progressed, particularly in the form of communication and cooperation between the project team, and she is considering cancelling the project. The Vice President of the Project Management Office has convinced Karen to add Samantha, a more experienced project manager, to the team as an adviser.
1) Identify and explain some key activities Samantha should perform to understand the current status of the project.
The first step Samantha should perform is to review the project charter, the project plan, and other key project documentation. Reviewing these documents will help Samantha to understand the scope and requirements of the project. The nest step Samantha should take is to compare the current status of the project with the project plan and see if the project is on track with the planned with activities. The project plan should describe the criteria for measuring project performance, as well as quality measurement criteria. If any important areas are missing from the project documentation, the documentation should be redone so that it reflects every important aspect of managing and executing the project, as well as the project scope, timeline, and key project milestones. The project plan should include roles and responsibilities of team members, performance measurements of the
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