Project Pl Planning Market Research Essay

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BSBMKG506 Plan market research
Assessment Task 2: Project – planning market research
Part 1: Identify and present market research needs
The first part of this project requires you to prepare and present a power point presentation to your assessor and class colleagues. Your presentation should last approximately 10 minutes. Your power point presentation should clearly explain and provide sufficient detail on:
1. General information on the function and importance of market research.
2. The company’s position in the market place (and including market trends) and why you believe market research would be of benefit to the company.
3. A statement of what you believe the company’s market research needs are (and as discussed with your assessor in meeting prior to commencing Part 1) and based on the documentation that you have reviewed. You will also need to state what the documentation is and explain how it assisted you to come to your decision about what area of market research would be most useful.
4. Draft objectives for the market research to be conducted.
5. A scoping of the proposed market research that describes timelines for conducting the research, human, financial and physical resources required, whether the market research can be conducted by internal staff or if external assistance is also required, possible methodologies, sample size, etc.
At the end of your presentation you should seek feedback on your presentation and the planned market research, including

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