Project Plan Essay

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Assessment Task 1: Define Project and Develop Plan
Project Brief
Project Title
Project purpose
Business Objectives for the project are: - Define the needed functions of clients, tenants and potential tenants of MLR’s commitments - Implement a test MLR obligations and commitment to best-of breed client services - Make recommendations and develop a project plan for a legal and ethical obligations - Report to all stakeholders in an annual meeting
Background and strategic context
In order to build customer goodwill and satisfy the legal and ethical obligations, MLR has decided to implement a program to: - inform agents of legal and ethical obligations and any standards or
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Executive Sponsors: Commit resources & advocate for project
David Arbeit
Dave Hinrichs
Kathy Hofstedt – Approved by email 1/21/15
Robert Maki – Approved by email 1/25/2015
Project Owners: Ensure adequate resources are available and track project status
Chris Cialek
Rick Gelbmann – Approved by email 1/12/15
Tim Loesch – Approved by email 1/19/15
Dan Ross – Approved by email 1/20/15
Project Manager: Lead the planning and execution of the project, chair workgroup Mark Kotz, Metropolitan Council – Approved 1/10/15
Project Scope
|In scope |Out of scope |Assumptions |Constraints |
|Requirements | |Participating agencies will |The effort relies on voluntary |
| | |continue to support staff |participation by multiple |
| | |involvement with this project |government agencies |
|Implementation | |This project has the approval |This project has no defined |
| | |of MLR |budget |
|Make recommendations | |More
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